Our Missions and Goals


Gunn Steers & Company was created with a promise to its first client to provide services superior to those that they were then receiving. The mission to be a superior service provider to individuals and corporate clients remains at the heart of Gunn Steers & Company.

Our Goals are six-fold:

  • Contribute to Client Success. Helping our clients succeed will help our own success.
  • Do Exceptional Work. Challenging ourselves to exceed our clients’ – and our own – expectations will result in superior quality service.
  • Advance a Great Working Environment. Working together to create an environment of mutual respect and fairness where employees are eager and excited to work will result in achieving our over all mission.
  • Promote Financial Strength. Developing business practices and strategies that promote profitability and stability will improve our ability to provide superior service, enhance and expand upon our existing services and reward employee contributions.
  • Adhere to High Ethical Standards. Being truthful and ethical with our clients and fellow employees is the measure by which we are judged.
  • Contribute Positively to the Community and Environment. Improving the community and environment is a responsibility we all share.

30 East 39th Street, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10016
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